EBC lacquer doors

EBC or Electron Beam Curing is an unparalleled lacquering technology that guarantees outstanding finish; furthermore, it is only used by one other door manufacturer in the world. We offer you:

  • EBC White Lion, satin gloss, similar to RAL 9010

The unique EBC curing process gives our doors a perfect finish in one finishing layer. The coating is thicker than other paint techniques, but is cured immediately during the paint process.

The top layer undergoes a precision bombardment of electrons, providing an even, scratch-resistant door surface. As a result, the lacquer hardens all the way through in a matter of seconds.

Why choose EBC lacquer doors from Theuma?

    • EBC-hardened paint satin white or matte and satin grey
    • Colour-fast and scratch-resistant top layer
    • High-quality alternative to painting doors
    • Ready to go: smooth and easy installation
    • Most durable lacquer door in the world

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Sustainability at the forefront

A few years ago, to further optimise our environmentally-friendly approach, we invested in a brand new paint shop. This resulted in a significant reduction of our CO2 emissions.

The unique EBC technology of this paint shop consumes fewer fossil fuels and is ozone free. Moreover, our factory runs partly on green energy from solar panels and is heated with wood surpluses. In addition, where possible, we use adhesives and lacquers containing as few volatile, organic substances as possible. All this combined means the emissions created by our doors are very low, even after commissioning.

Projects with EBC lacquered doors from Theuma

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