PAS-24 door sets

It is preferable to keep unwanted visitors at bay. Working with TheuFria, Theuma has developed a line of burglar-resistant door sets that do more than prevent burglaries. These technical doors offer resistance against burglary, fire and noise if desired. That’s 3 functions in 1 door. The burglar-resistant TheuFria doors are therefore extremely suitable for use as an indoor entrance door for an apartment or office. You can also use them for the security of storage rooms or private weapon safes.

TheuFria offers an extensive range of certified, burglar-resistant door sets. View our full range of WK2 and WK3 door sets in our product matrix in the right-hand column of this page.

Why choose PAS-24 door sets from Theuma?

  • Extensive range of reinforced door sets, up to door sets with class 2 or 3 resistance
  • Burglar-resistant doors with a thickness of 40 mm and 50/54 mm
  • Equipped with three or five-point lock

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Projects with burglar resistant doors from Theuma

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