BREEAM credits with sustainable Theuma doors

Customers can choose to construct their buildings under the BREEAM sustainability certification label. This label certifies the sustainability performance of the building. Further points can be earned by using Theuma wooden interior doors, thereby contributing to the highest possible BREEAM-score of the building.

BREEAM excellent

A building that is constructed in conformity with the BREEAM label will receive a total score of one to five stars (pass, good, very good, excellent or outstanding).
The new distribution centre of in Zwolle (The Netherlands), the world’s largest automated distribution centre for online retail, itself received a BREEAM-excellent certification. Such a high score is an exceptional achievement for a building of this size.

De Vier Totaalafbouw B.V. completed the distribution centre, which had been commissioned by WPD Nederland. In this building as well, we contributed to the high BREEAM score by using our sustainable wooden doors.

Good for nature and environment

Our doors are made of FSC®-certified wood. This certificate gives you certainty that our doors with the FSC label meet the most stringent requirements relating to social, ecological and economic forest management. Wood and wooden products with the FSC label are guaranteed to have been taken from responsibly managed forests, and therefore are good for nature and the environment.

We manufacture our doors with 100% renewable energy, including energy generated by our solar panel park. In addition, we use heat recovery. Wood dust and residues generated during the production process are used in wood incinerators. The energy released is used to heat up water that in turn provides heat to the building and the production process, required for the pressing of doors, among other things.

External investigations show that our doors, even if they are installed, satisfy the best ratings relating to emission of volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde. In addition, the doors have sound damping properties, which is also beneficial to the environment. We therefore fulfil the requirements laid down under BREEAM.

The most sustainable doors in the world

We would like to introduce you to the new Passion EBC lacquer door, the most sustainable door in the world. This FSC-certified door is lacquered with environmentally friendly, scratch and impact resistant EBC coating and is known for its excellent quality, even after years of frequent use.

The EBC (Electron Beam Curing) lacquering procedure, in which the lacquer is cured using electrons, is a unique production process in the door industry. The production process uses only 33% of the energy as compared to traditional UV lacquering techniques. In addition, the lacquering line has an extremely low CO2 emission, and in contrast to other lacquering technologies, the process is ozone free. EBC also contains no organic solvents and lacquer hardeners. In other words: no hazardous substances are emitted during the production process.