Theuma chooses green electricity

Theuma has engaged to exclusively buy green electricity until 31 December 2014. Green electricity is produced from sustainable sources, which cause less or no harm to the environment. For example biomass, wind power, hydro power, sun power, …

In the next decades, controlling and decreasing carbon dioxide emissions is one of the biggest challenges. Theuma doesn’t avoid this challenge.

Theuma has a sustainable investment policy, to minimize the impact on the environment through her activities. An important part of this policy is the responsible use of energy. Constant observation, evaluation and optimization of our production processes have a positive impact on the efficient use of energy. The main target is to reduce the total energy consumption.

Green electricity:

  • reduces carbon dioxide emissions and other harmful emissions
  • decelerate the increase of the greenhouse effect
  • does not cause nuclear waste
  • is inexhaustible and will be available for next generations
  • reduces our dependence of suppliers of fossil fuel