Theuma invests in a new EBC paint shop

This summer, a new EBC paint shop will be set up in the Theuma door factory in Bekkevoort, Belgium. This will require an investment of EUR 2.5 million.

The reason for the investment is the continuously increasing demand for our EBC painted doors. These are flat interior doors in which the door leaf is finished with a scratch-resistant coating. The door leaf undergoes a unique EBC procedure (Electron Beam Curing) on both sides, in which the coating is cured by electrons. This treatment ensures high abrasion and light resistance. The coating is also free of organic solvents and corrosive chemicals.

Preparatory work to set up the ultra-modern installation has been ongoing for the last several months. “We want ensure that we cause the least possible inconvenience to our clients during the modernisation of the installation,” said Bart Wauters, CEO of Theuma. “For this reason, we commenced preparatory work early on and the old paint shop will also be replaced during the holidays.” The production of painted doors will commence with the new EBC coating from mid-August.