Theuma sails into Plymouth with new Beckley Court order

Theuma has now been awarded the contract to supply 1800no doors and frames for Contractor Keir and Developer Three Sixty.

This the fourth project in the last four years for Theuma in the City of Plymouth and also the second in 2016 for Three Sixty, which in turn shows once again that Theuma is now the largest supplier of doors & frames to the UK Student Accommodation market. In July alone have we secured orders worth in the region of £800,000.

This project is the first Theuma has been tasked with manufacturing doors where the chosen laminate is actually two different colors, which is off course very challenging. Especially the amount of doors that are wanted for the projec. But it is a challenge that is welcomed and will be met with open arms.

We will start manufacturing when the factory reopens after the Summer shutdown and will deliver continually for several months until completion.