Theuma wins HR award

Every year the Voka Chambers of Commerce of Flemish Brabant (Leuven and Halle-Vilvoorde) and the Province of Flemish Brabant hand over an award to a company in the region which has excelled itself in a special way in the area of sustainable employment policy. This year the HR award goes to doors manufacturer Theuma in Bekkevoort.

Theuma, originally a small family business, is with its 300 employees currently one of the larger companies in Eastern Brabant. At the same time Theuma is one of the largest manufacturers of wooden inside doors and wood and steel door frames in Europe. The company recently hit the headlines after delivering some 25,000 doors to the Olympic Village in London. With this award Voka wants to highlight the sustainable and human aspects of Theuma’s employment policy.

Socially Responsible Enterprising (SRE) is at the centre of the actions and thinking of Theuma and this reflects clearly in their employment relations policy. A lot of attention is given to placing skills and talents in the right places. By doing so, the company creates custom-made jobs for its employees. In addition, Theuma keeps the physical stress on their workers as low as possible by providing sufficient variation in their tasks. Combined with the needed extra training this results in employees being very faithful to their employer.

Besides full-time employees, there are also various trainees from the vocational, technical and special education systems as well as participants in the Internal Professional Training (IPT) programme. Here also attention is given to the trainees’ knowledge and skills in order to fit them into the right slot in the enterprise. The opportunity offered to these trainees to further develop their skills and to learn a job has in many cases already resulted in a full-time contract.

Within Theuma there is a company culture that embraces diversity. Last year the enterprise started a diversity entrance plan. Theuma consciously recruits people over 50 because ‘they are reliable and stable workers and that is what we are after’, according to HR manager Sabrina Weckx. People from other disadvantaged groups are obviously also given a chance at Theuma. Also worth mentioning is the active concern about the presence of women in higher management positions and the aim to involve at least one woman in every decision or advisory council.

On 3 December 2013 Provincial Council Member Karin Jiroflée handed over the HR 2013 Award for Sustainable Employment Policy to Theuma HR manager Sabrina Weckx during a ceremony in the Golden Tulip hotel in Diegem.