Theuma Projects is there for your complex new construction and renovation projects, transformations of utility buildings, with or without residential units.

Our experts have an in-depth knowledge of all applicable legislation and the needs of the various segments (student housing, residential care centres, hotels, offices or flats), as well as of our products, from the most technical doorsets to the smartest designer doors. Together with you they will look for the ideal solutions for your projects.

Student housing

If you want to renovate or rent out student rooms you will have to deal with a great deal of administration, building regulations and safety standards regarding fire safety, burglary and sustainability. At Theuma, the doors and frames of your project are in good hands. We specialise in student accommodation. 

We also often supply tailor-made solutions to manufacturers of ready-to-install bathroom units. Our custom-made UNI-S frame suit the floor of the pods and the doors will always have an undercut of 15 to 23 mm.


Fire-resistant, smoke-resistant and soundproof doors are essential in hotels. Theuma offers the doorsets you need: ready to install, simple to maintain and also beautiful to look at. 


Young people with large satchels. Children running around. Little ones with paint on their hands. School doors have to fulfil many criteria. They have to look young and last for years. They have to be strong, but also light. They should open and close easily and be up against the impetuous force of youths. They must also be fire-resistant and soundproof.

Theuma has developed robust doorsets specifically for schools, that meet all these requirements. 


As an investor or developer of healthcare projects, the comfort of residents or patients is your primary concern. Safety and hygiene must go hand in hand with privacy and respect. You therefore look for smart solutions for shared (bath)rooms and living areas and for sanitary facilities in service flats. Especially for the care sector, Theuma has therefore developed innovative sliding walls and electrically operated sliding doors with soft-closing systems. 


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