Thanks to unique mitre joints, the various components of Theuma frames fit together seamlessly and form a single unit. In addition, our assembly frames ensure a secure attachment to the wall thanks to the locking claws that are fixed directly into the jamb with a permanent clamping force, and our masonry frames are quick to process.

In order to guarantee long-term quality, we lacquer our frames with an electronic powder coating (EPC) technique. This is an environmentally friendly painting technique to give frames extra protection against scratching and denting. A strong finish that is kind to the environment!


More than enough quality and experience: Theuma’s MonoPlus assembly frames have been a fixture in residential and utility construction for more than 50 years. These assembly frames are extremely strong, high quality and easy to process.

The interchangeable strike plate and the adjustable pivot points which are directly attached to the locking claws (1mm) or to the hinge box (1.5mm) are characteristic features. A unique mitre joint creates a very stable construction and perfectly integrates the assembled MonoPlus frames in the wall. In this way even heavier Theuma doors can be installed effortlessly. If required, a cable seal design is also an option. MonoPlus frames are mounted in recesses in the wall. We ensure that the frames can easily and quickly be installed by everyone, even without previous knowledge or specialised tools.

MonoPlus frame


Vacuum cleaners, shopping and playing children? The steel DuoFlex assembly frame is made of 1.5 mm thick steel and has a high-quality scratch and impact-resistant paint coating as standard. We apply this during an EPC process (Electrostatic Powder Coating). The electronic charge makes the lacquer  magnetic. The superfine lacquer particles attach themselves to the frame and fuse to form an extremely hard and scratch-resistant lacquer. Long-lasting protection assured. No need for another coat of paint. 

The Duoflex frame absorbs variations in the wall thickness of -5 mm to +9 mm, which means it is suitable for both new construction and renovation.  The frame is quick and easy to install.

The DuoFlex frame is perfectly suitable even for heavier doors. The unique mitre joint provides a stable, symmetric construction.  

DuoFlex frame

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This video shows the difference between an ‘ordinary’ lacquered frame and a Theumaframe lacquered using Electrostatic Powder Coating (EPC).


If only one side of the wall needs to be neatly finished, UNI-S frames are ideal. They are suitable for any wall thickness and are a good solution for technical rooms that do not require finishing on the inside.

UNI-S frame


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