Sustainable production

As an international manufacturer of doors and frames, Theuma places great value on corporate social responsibility and, in doing so, wants to make a sustainable contribution to society and the environment. In recent years, we have clearly distinguished ourselves as a forerunner in sustainable production methods, as well with our use of sustainable products.
These measures have resulted in an obvious contribution to the sustainability performance of buildings in which Theuma doors and window frames are used.


The BREEAM certificate is one of the most commonly-used methods to determine the sustainability performance of buildings and areas. BREEAM is being increasingly used in the Netherlands. The Dutch Green Building Counsel has therefore developed the BREEAM-NL quality mark, which is focused on Dutch legislation and regulations, practical guidelines and building practices.

Theuma can contribute to your BREEAM certification with 22 points being awarded in 3 categories.


The FSC quality mark certifies that raw materials for wooden products originate from responsibly managed forests, with careful attention to the people and animals who are dependent on these forests.

The wood in Theuma doors is 98% FSC certified.

View and download our FSC certificate here.

Sustainable in use

Theuma doors are made to provide lasting, problem-free operation for years. In addition, thanks to their certificates, they help buildings around the world achieve high BREEAM assessment scores for building sustainability.

Projects with BREEAM certification